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Lyalya - charming half-breed hound
Lyalya is a charming hound mix. This graceful middle-sized girl was a stray – she was freezing and starving when the volunteers found and saved her. She is very tactful, obedient and friendly. Lyalya is young and very affectionate dog, she really enjoys being together and communicating with people. She sincerely hopes that you will find a place for her in your heart because finding a loving owner is her cherished dream!
Vaccinated with Nobivac. Veterinarian international passport.
Svetlana +37529 6112941
Russian Language
Gulya - middle-sized beauty
Gulya is a middle-sized beauty, who was hit by a car and found at the bus stop. She is very kind and friendly by nature. We are absolutely sure that she used to live in an apartment – she suffers a lot sitting in the shelter-cage. She is well-bred, walks perfectly on the leash – very nice and understanding girl. Gulya sincerely hopes to be adopted by her new loving owner. She suffers from loneliness and looking forward to meeting you – please, respond as soon as possible and you will find the most faithful, sensitive and reliable friend in your life!
Vaccinated with Nobivac. Veterinarian international passport.
Tatyana +37529 6312125
Russian Language
Beetle – a faithful friend
Beetle, a stray dog, was saved from the street and moved to Papernya-shelter together with Whitey – being best friends they even share one shelter-cage. When we look at Beetle we can hardly believe that he is a stray dog – he must have had an owner once. He is really obedient, well-bred, never uses the house for his toilet - relieves only outdoors. He has no behavioral problems, enjoys greatly being among the people, walks perfectly on the leash and understands every word. Beetle is looking for loving family – he is ready to become your best and the most faithful friend!
Vaccinated with Nobivac. Veterinarian international passport.
Anna +37529 1284236
Russian Language
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