We need your financial support in order to put a stop to cruelty to animals. Together, we can make the world a better place for all beings. Whether you are a long-time EGIDA supporter or you are joining for the first time, thank you for everything you do to help animals!

Bank transfer

To make a donation You can at any Bank. It's enough to bring us our public association for animal protection:

р/с 3015000004266 «Беларусбанк»
ф-л №500 Минское упр-е, код 601
УНП 101860476
recipient: ООЗЖ «Эгида»
purpose: donation

Juridical address:
220030, Republic of Belarus, Minsk
Karla Marksa str., 21-27/A5


EasyPay is the electronic money, which are designed for quick payments, reliable and fastest way to transfer money online.

The number of our purse:

Purpose of transfer: donation

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Detailed rules for the use of the service

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