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The public organisation of the Protection of Animals rights «EGIDA» is submitting proposals to all Government entities in order to change the legislation.

They propose the introduction of the program, which exists in all European countries:

- Adoption of regulations that limit the reproduction of animals (controlling dog population without causing unnecessary or avoidable animal suffering);

- Spay/Neuter programs for shelters;

- Public education (The promotion of responsible dog ownership)

Not only they are not heard, often they are being brought to justice for the fact that they interfere in the well-established routine of collecting and killing of animals!

The officials of the Ministry of Housing and Communal Services mocked of Egida's representatives as they dared to offer officials to consider the introduction of pet sterilisation.

And what is so funny about this? Ministry of Housing created Services who are engaged in hunting animals down in the streets of settlements of the Republic of Belarus. Why laugh at the word "sterilisation"?

After that "laughter" of the Ministry, which supervises sewers and sanitation, organisation of the Protection of Animals rights "Egida" has made its most important proposition:

"The time has come to change the ministry, which must deal with the management of domestic animals!"

Employees of the Division of Housing, plumbers and garbage collectors are not to be responsible for the problem of domestic animals! These people know how to work well in their field. Belarus, even in Soviet times, of all the fifteen republics, allocated to order and cleanliness. But animals are not the garbage to be simply recycled!

Not only there are no such establishments as shelters, but there is even no interpretation of the word "shelter".

In our country, breeders breed animals and sell them for the lack of any other skills that can guarantee potential income.

Puppies and kittens that are not sold are discarded directly in boxes.

In our country, the State is not involved in the upbringing and education of the population.

There are no "Lessons of animal welfare for children" in schools, practically no bioethics is taught at universities.

All actions of the Protection of Animal rights orgaisations are seen as attempts to "destroy the order" on the collection and disposal of animals.

Since 2007, to the extent of its capabilities, "Egida" is doing what in the Republic of Belarus is considered prohibited by law or simply not perceived as the problem, namely:

- Sterilisation of stray animals, taking animals of the streets by looking for potential owners;

- Promoting responsible ownership;

- Engagement in educational work with children;

- Care for stray animals in places where they are kept by volunteers for long periods of time, which refers to the word "shelter", trying to get people and officials familiar with the word "shelter" and its meaning.

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