Petition for the stray animals in Belarus

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What is it all about?
We struggle against the cruel attitude of the state institutions of Belarus towards stray domestic animals.

Belarus is located in the heart of Europe and shares borders with Poland to the West, Ukraine to the South, Russia to the East and North and the Baltic States to the Northwest, which makes it the closest neighbour of the European Union.

The only Ministry that is dealing with the stray domestic animals is the Ministry of Housing and Communal Services.

The only piece of legislation regulating the work of this ministry with the stray animals is "Regulation of Activities of the Orgaisations to capture, kill, maintain and euthanize stray animals on the territory of the Republic of Belarus".

Not only there is no legislation for the real protection of animals in Belarus, but even the law of "treatment of animals" doesn't exist yet. In the center of Europe the animals have no rights.

There are no shelters in this country. It is an anarchy in this area.

Practical consequences:

    The services that are responsible for waist collection also deal with the stray animals. These animals are beaten to death, shot, immured to die from hunger... Shortly, it is the cruelty in all its forms.

    To find a way out from this intolerable situation, voluntaries gather together in Belarus.

    Public Association for Animal Protection "EGIDA" is submitting proposals to all governmental bodies in Belarus to try to change the situation.

Why this action is carried out in Europe?

    To bring more weight to our action. It is important that the Belarussian institutions adopt a management system of the abandoned animals similar to that which is already set up in our countries. A request coming from an external country can help the Belarussian institutions to change their mentality.

The objective of this petition:

  • to support the creation of the legislation (currently non-existent in Bielorussia) concerning the protection of the stray pets.
  • to create refuges whose three principal activities are: taking care of the abandoned animals, their sterilization and organisation o the adoption system. 
  • to avoid the euthanasia (easy and not very honourable solution) in first intention, to replace it by the refuges taking responsibility of the animals. 
  • to promote education of the local populations concerning the rights of the animals and to decrease cruelty resulting from adopted habits.

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