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Fascists are trooping across Belarusian land… Episode 3

  • 09.03.2010
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The Village of Yazyl. Starodorozhsky District.
Public Association for Animal Protection “EGIDA” received a phone call from Nataliya Dmitrievna Kurulyova. She phoned and told us about the massacre of dogs in the Village of Yazyl. Nataliya moved from the Capital City of Mins...

Fascists are trooping across Belarusian land… Episode 2

  • 27.02.2010
  • 3658 reads
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MOGILYOV. Mogilyov public utility company is located at 58А Gomelskaya Rd., the City of Mogilyov. Recently this company has started to admit volunteers, who have only one burning desire: to help captured animals and rescue them. But it is difficult for those individuals who have ...

Fascists are trooping across Belarusian land…

  • 07.02.2010
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In the memory of all stray animals killed and tortured on the territory of Belarus in the 21st century. The 21st century. The centre of Europe. We endlessly admire our clean towns and cities, another Wonder of the World – the National Library of the Republic of Belarus, breathtak...

The story of Belarusian citizens pleading President to STOP the cruel

  • 20.01.2010
  • 8792 reads
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The vast majority of Belarusian citizens put up with the existing system of stray animal management and non-stop killings of homeless animals. This is particularly true with the dwellers of small Belarusian towns and settlements. In the meantime, the catching and killing of stray...

Story about virus diseases at "Fauna city"

  • 10.12.2009
  • 3585 reads
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This report documents how dogs and cats which were absolutely healthy before they were caught and brought to "Fauna city" catch infectious diseases and why dogs kept by "Fauna city" are killed after first sneezing. Let us in the beginning introduce Mrs Natalya Belanova and explai...

Story about catching dogs in Minsk district

  • 06.12.2009
  • 6241 reads
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There is no shelter for animals in any town of Belarus. There are only few drop-off stations for dogs and cats caught or brought by owners in our country. These institutions are obliged to keep the animals for at least 5 days in order to find new owners. If no new owner is found ...

Story about immured cats

  • 03.12.2009
  • 20152 reads
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Some methods that public services of Belarus use to combat fleas in the basements of apartment blocks and the way the sanitary regulations for fighting fleas affect the lives of cats and their owners.
Belarus has no law against owners who throw their cats into the streets....

Confessions of a Volunteer: The Task of Special Importance

  • 25.09.2009
  • 8380 reads
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This is a story telling why we (i.e. volunteers taking care of dogs) decided to leave… Or, to be more exact, how we were made to leave. Little by little, bit by bit… It should be mentioned straight away that we did realize what our municipal temporary shelter for animals was like...

Story about vivarium. Experimental dogs need your help

  • 19.09.2009
  • 6282 reads
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When you are sick, when you have pain somewhere, you take a pill or other kind of medicine and the pain leaves you. But does the pain leave the dogs that this medicine was tested on? Did you ever think of this? I will answer for all of us: "No, we didn't!" Why? In Belarus there a...

Overview of the situation of treating stray animals in Belarus

  • 20.06.2009
  • 7677 reads
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By pet animal is meant any animal kept or intended to be kept by man in particular in his household for private enjoyment and companionship." European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals Chapter I - General provisions Geographically, Belarus is located in the heart of Eu...

Bio-ethical education in Belarus

  • 10.06.2009
  • 3838 reads
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There is a National Committee on Bioethics in Belarus. What a grand title! In reality this committee is a commission inside the Ministry of Health. The members of this committee are employees of the ministry designated by order of the minister. These people are mainly concerned a...
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