Fascists are trooping across Belarusian land… Episode 2

In the memory of all stray animals killed and tortured on the territory of Belarus in the 21st century.

* Warning: The material contains shocking photos. Not advisable to people under age or people with neurotic disorders!

The 21st century. The centre of Europe. We endlessly admire our clean towns and cities, another Wonder of the World – the National Library of the Republic of Belarus, breathtaking stadiums, ever-growing possibilities for Belarusians… If you drive a couple of kilometers off Minsk though, you will witness the barbaric massacre of stray and domestic cats and dogs – our officials’ worst enemy and most dangerous threat. Housing and municipal services are scrupulously trying to get rid of these “evil spirits”, above and beyond their call of duty… Frustrated, common people shed tears. Their health ruined, they give up. Children that witnessed the massacre fail to understand how they can go on living with this burden on their shoulders…

Dwellers of neighboring towns and villages keep writing letters and making phone calls….

Public Association for Animal Protection “EGIDA” is launching a series called “Fascists are trooping across Belarusian Land”. We are going to tell you things you haven’t heard before. As soon as you learn these things though, you will be eager to pass them on to others. What is going on can rightfully be called THE CRIME OF THE CENTURY.

Episode Two.
MOGILYOV. Mogilyov public utility company is located at 58А Gomelskaya Rd., the City of Mogilyov. Recently this company has started to admit volunteers, who have only one burning desire: to help captured animals and rescue them. But it is difficult for those individuals who have always treated animals like garbage and dropped it (i.e. this “garbage”) at dump sites for future disposal… to turn into HUMAN BEINGS “all of a sudden”. Similarly, the employees of Mogilyov public utility company did not manage to remain HUMAN BEINGS for long.

On February 11, 2010, the volunteers arrived at Mogilyov public utility company to find a pile of dead bodies in the cage… Frustration, terror and pain seized the people, who had seen those animals ALIVE in their cages the day before. New homes and new owners had already been found for some of those animals.

On February 10, in the afternoon, they were still alive…

The volunteers rushed to Deputy Director Valentina Nicolaevna Pleskacheva, appointed as Director ad interim that day. As usual, she did not know ANYTHING and would not hear of anything. Her motto was: “Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing.” Besides, what did she need those dogs for? They only caused problems! But the main thing was that, despite being in charge of the company, Valentina Nicolaevna was not aware of either “Provision about capture, shooting, temporary keeping and euthanasia” or even more common regulations and standards. At the public utility company entrusted to Pleskacheva the barbaric massacre of the animals was carried out by… the LABOURER Vasily Kalinin!

Is Valentina Nicolaevna aware that according to Clauses 28–29 of the “Provision”, putting animals to sleep can only be carried out under the supervision of a vet, and that only veterinary drugs registered at Belarusian Centre of Control, Testing and Standardization of Veterinary Preparation and Fodder Additives can be used for euthanasia?

WHAT did Vasily Kalinin use? As he puts it, he was bitten by a dog, so he took (where from?) a drug (WHICH ONE?) and “put the animals to sleep” himself, because the vet was on a sick leave. Who killed the other dogs, he never knew!!!! Is THIS conceivable for NORMAL PEOPLE??? It isn’t. Can the Prosecutor’s Office turn a blind eye to all this mayhem and these crimes? So far, we don’t know. It remains to be seen.

The aftermath of the barbaric massacre at Mogilyov public utility company. WHO killed them, and what was used as the MURDER WEAPON?

Having received no answers from the company, the volunteers sent for the ONT Channel team. Of course, the reporters were not admitted to the company’s territory at first, but the case had already been publicized, so no one could prevent them from entering. On February 13, there was a coverage on the ONT Channel. Since that day, no volunteers have been admitted to the company (this incident reminds us of the events that took place at Minsk Municipal Animal Control Organization “Fauna Goroda”: as soon as the volunteers started talking about what was going on “at the knacker’s yard”, they were taken off the list of volunteers by the administration).

The volunteers of Mogilyov public utility company are gathering signatures in support of prosecution on information, relating to the crime which took place on February 11, 2010, to submit the documents to the General Prosecutor’s Office. But they somehow don’t believe in justice any more.

We, animal protectors and volunteers of Minsk, support the volunteers of Mogilyov in their desire to punish the murderers. We do hope that the Prosecutor’s Office will just for once deal with such a case and punish those who are responsible for the crime which took place in Mogilyov.

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