Volunteers of "Fauna Goroda" cry for help

Volunteers of Minsk Municipal Temporary Shelter for Animals "Fauna Goroda" approached mass media with an open letter, in which they appeal to general public to render assistance in settling the current state of affairs at the enterprise. The proclamation was signed by more than eleven hundred people.

As the proclamation puts it, the "critical" situation at "Fauna Goroda" took shape after the new director Alexander Tamashevsky entered into service on January 19. "The arrival of the new director put paid to all animal protection activities, volunteer movement, humane treatment and regulation of the quantity of stray animals", – say the volunteers.

They point out that on his very first day of service the new director made arrangements to free three rooms from cages, where more than 50 cats were kept, and use these rooms for managerial purposes. He granted the volunteers only two days to search for "kind hands" for the animals, after which he gave instructions to put down the remaining cats. So far, thanks to the vast media coverage, the rooms have not been emptied, but "the situation hasn’t changed for the better", believe animal protectors.

Apart from this, the new administration is planning to make the position of "deputy director for animal protection" redundant. Instead, a new position will be introduced – "deputy production director" – having totally different responsibilities.

As volunteers claim, А. Tamashevsky "made arrangements to stop and ban sterilization of dogs at the enterprise", and all the post-operational dogs were shifted from the rooms to the cages, "where they simply won’t be able to survive".

The authors of the letter state that on January 23, another order on the part of А. Tamashevsky was given: by the following Wednesday, all the cats and dogs that had spent five or more days at the enterprise were to be put down, even if they were pedigree ones, lost domestic animals with collars and tags (chips), sterilized animals or animals patronized by the volunteers of "Fauna Goroda" or "EGIDA". The director offered the disinfection scheduled for Wednesday (January 28) as an excuse.

The proclamation was signed by more than 1100 people.

As one of the signatories, volunteer Tatiana Voitovich, informed BelaPAN, in the near future the volunteers are planning to direct similar letters to the General Prosecutor’s Office and various Ministries.

As А. Tamashevsky stated to BelaPAN, his entry into service didn’t entail any changes in the work of the enterprise. He denied the fact that the conduct mentioned in the letter had actually taken place.

Source: BelaPAN, 28.01.2009

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