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Last news

Сharity action of EGIDA «To be good!» 2013 in Minsk (32 photo)

The first action «Be good!» took place in 2009, and the instigators of these particular stocks were little boy Seva and his mom Marina Dobrianskaya that in an interview said: «I want my son to grow up good.» The main objective of the action - education people positive, good feeli...

Reply to the open letter addressed to Mayor of Minsk was called "a spit in the public’s face"

On September 16, 2010 Public Association for Animal Protection «EGIDA» sent an open letter to the Chairman of Minsk City Executive Committee N.A. Ladutko with a reminder, that the Head of Presidential Administration V.V. Makey gave clear instructions to the mayor of Minsk “to wor...

Open Letter to Mayor of Minsk N.A. Ladutko

On September 16, 2010 Chairman of Public Association for Animal Protection «EGIDA» N.A. Belianova submitted a letter to Minsk City Executive Committee addressed to N.A. Ladutko with a request to fix another appointment with the city’s mayor in order to seek mutually acceptable wa...

Fascists are trooping across Belarusian land… Episode 3

  • 09.03.2010
  • 4326 reads
  • Stories
The Village of Yazyl. Starodorozhsky District.
Public Association for Animal Protection “EGIDA” received a phone call from Nataliya Dmitrievna Kurulyova. She phoned and told us about the massacre of dogs in the Village of Yazyl. Nataliya moved from the Capital City of Mins...

Fascists are trooping across Belarusian land… Episode 2

  • 27.02.2010
  • 3682 reads
  • Stories
MOGILYOV. Mogilyov public utility company is located at 58А Gomelskaya Rd., the City of Mogilyov. Recently this company has started to admit volunteers, who have only one burning desire: to help captured animals and rescue them. But it is difficult for those individuals who have ...

Meeting in Ministry of Agriculture and Food

  • 24.02.2010
  • 3812 reads
  • News
At 15-00 on February 25, 2010 a meeting took place at the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. The meeting took place due to the fact that representatives of Public Association for Animal Protection «Egida» visited Minister of Agriculture and Food S.B. Shapiro on December 2, 2009. O...

Petition for the stray animals in Belarus

  • 19.02.2010
  • 13180 reads
  • News
The objective of this petition: to support the creation of the legislation (currently non-existent in Bielorussia) concerning the protection of the stray pets. To create refuges whose three principal activities are: taking care of the abandoned animals, their sterilization and or...

Fascists are trooping across Belarusian land…

  • 07.02.2010
  • 4533 reads
  • Stories
In the memory of all stray animals killed and tortured on the territory of Belarus in the 21st century. The 21st century. The centre of Europe. We endlessly admire our clean towns and cities, another Wonder of the World – the National Library of the Republic of Belarus, breathtak...

Stray animals in Belarus. Give us an animal asylum! Documentary film.

In January 2009 a top-level decision was made to change the policy and, consequently, to replace the leaders of Fauna Goroda. The Director, Oleg Harkevich, was the first to be dismissed. Vladimir Reentovich appointed his friend, the notorious Alexandr Tamashevsky, to fill in this...

The story of Belarusian citizens pleading President to STOP the cruel

  • 20.01.2010
  • 8811 reads
  • Stories
The vast majority of Belarusian citizens put up with the existing system of stray animal management and non-stop killings of homeless animals. This is particularly true with the dwellers of small Belarusian towns and settlements. In the meantime, the catching and killing of stray...

Attitude of Belarussian officials towards stray animals

Belarussian public associations for the protection of animals are hereby seeking support from the European Parliament. For many years have we been trying to make Belarus' officials understand that the current conditions for keeping pet cats and dogs, their breeding, catching, and...

What EGIDA proposes

  • 14.01.2010
  • 4055 reads
  • News
The public organisation of the Protection of Animals rights «EGIDA» is submitting proposals to all Government entities in order to change the legislation. They propose the introduction of the program, which exists in all European countries: Adoption of regulations that limit the ...
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Story about catching dogs in Minsk district
novopet in 17:58, 18.11.2023
It agree, a useful phrase
Petition for the stray animals in Belarus
Lena Meigard in 07:15, 15.07.2014
I was saddened to read about the treatment of cats in Belarus. To lock up cats living in basements and to let them starve to death is an inhumane act of cruelty. And to take away cats that have owners to be euthanized is a crime against the cats as w...
What did you train them to do? Price would depend on what your ngebhiors were willing to pay and on your skill level. If you are looking for training experience, volunteer at your local shelter. sure they won't pay you but you'll get lots of ...
Story about immured cats
Tonya Gager in 07:22, 13.02.2013
I had no idea people this ignorant and barbaric still existed in public positions. How pathetic for the people of Belarus. They must be very ashamed of thier country. They should pursue a war upon the officials. It would probably be an easy takeover.
Petition for the stray animals in Belarus
Aline Carvalho in 16:28, 08.02.2013
Sou contra maus tratos....
Petition for the stray animals in Belarus
Denise Dias in 08:35, 08.02.2013
Petition for the stray animals in Belarus
Shirley in 06:53, 08.02.2013
Que gente doida e essa meu Deus
Petition for the stray animals in Belarus
kelly in 22:47, 07.02.2013
gosto de aniamais
Petition for the stray animals in Belarus
Helena in 16:43, 07.02.2013
Sou contra essa covardia!
Petition for the stray animals in Belarus
Vasco Rebocho in 14:03, 07.02.2013
Sad people
Petition for the stray animals in Belarus
Vasco Rebocho in 14:02, 07.02.2013
Sad people.......
Report him.In my town there are horse barns at the racetrack that many pepole keep their race horses at (rather than on a farm). A kid I know, when he was about 13, went in the horsebarns and found a cat. He lit the cat on fire. The cat ran in to a p...
Story about immured cats
gojmndjkdt in 10:10, 21.03.2012
Yesterday and baeing German Creek Lin arrived
Inspite of the cloudy evening when the rainfall whenever, they was adamant on the trip after that, the last Ninety kilometers away, the road required 7 and a half hours. He was associated with his ...
Death Conveyor?
Beislisergo in 12:18, 22.12.2011
Чем обезьяна безобразнее, тем больше кривляется.
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